Colombes may 2023

May 22, 2023. On that day, our project in Colombes began. Located in the Hauts de Seine district, 5
kilometers from Paris, this town of 90,000 inhabitants welcomed the same artistic team as the one in
Lebanon. Tripoli was the first part of this project. It took place in October 2022.
In Colombes, in partnership with the city, its Maison des Associations and social housing councils,
Artivista painted and organized its workshops in the Fossés Jean priority district, with the
collaboration of locals and young people.

Zdey, Jober and Poes, along with Aurélie Andres on the French side, MJay, Exist and … on the
Lebanese side, painted Joséphine Baker, anemones and the Mesopotamian saga of Gilgamesh… on
900 m2 of walls. Not to mention the participatory frescoes, the children’s workshops (postal art,
introduction to street art…) and our shared lunches, which were happy, convivial moments. The
event came to a close on June 3, the inauguration was celebrated musically with a marching band.